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I am a talented and skillful personal trainer with much success in promoting and delivering personal training services that ensure clients receive high-quality personal attention, motivation, and professional state-of-the-art exercise instruction.

My methods include a blend of cardiovascular fitness, body sculpting, stretching, and weight management. Each client is given this blend based on his or her personal needs, expectations, and abilities.


We Can Train:

At Home, Outdoors, The Gym or Office.


Weight Management 

Strength and Flexibility Training

Cardiovascular Fitness Training

Pre/Post Natal Fitness

Bridal Blitz Program

Senior Fitness

Pre/Post Rehab Fitness



We all have our own personal health and fitness goals. 


I am so glad that I found Rhonda ! We've been working together for a few weeks now and I love going to our sessions.
The workouts are never boring, I feel challenged and am seeing an improvement in my strength and fitness level.
Scheduling sessions is easy and Rhonda always responds quickly to my messages. 
Laura H. Sept. 1, 2017
Rhonda is my workout mama :). She places emphasis on making sure your form is correct. She is personable and the time flies by quickly while exercising.
Kendra M May. 22, 2017
I had been training with Rhonda for almost a year. I found her very friendly, patient and most of all very knowledgeable.
She is easy to talk to, understands everyone's needs and capabilities. I highly recommend her to anyone who
is looking for a great personal trainer.
Andrea P. Aug. 18, 2014

RJ is awesome, her energy and attitude make working out great. It's almost therapy, but she kicks your butt while doing it!   

Bryant S.  Apr. 4, 2016

Rhonda is a wonderful personal trainer!

It was obvious from the first time I met her that she knows her craft very well.

My workouts are constantly changing to meet my changing physical abilities. She takes into account my lifestyle (full-time working mother of two kids) and plans workouts and diets according to what is realistic for me to do. She is incredibly flexible in terms of time and location of workouts, which is a huge plus for me. And, as icing on the cake, she is just a good-hearted person to be around.

Karin K. Aug. 12, 2014


Rhonda is the perfect trainer for me. She challenges m and keeps workouts interesting with variety. She is well certified and it reflects in her work. Her place is clean and efficient and very welcoming.

Rachel F.  Oct 30, 2017

Working with Rhonda has been an awesome experience. Personal training sessions are challenging and never boring. She is very knowledgeable on the body and will answer any question that is asked. She is very accommodating with flexible hours. She shows a great concern for one's health, wellness and performance. Whatever your goals are, RJ's Personal Fitness will definitely assist you in achieving them to the fullest.

I highly recommend.

     Karen L. Mar. 20, 2017

 RJ'S Personal Fitness
Rhonda Josephson
Certified Personal Trainer
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